Andy c
Andy Cartwright
Andy Cartwright
Occupation: Detective Constable
Gender: Male
Born: 4 July 1973
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: Rafe Spall
"Everybody and their mums are packin' 'round here!"
―Andy Cartwright

Detective Constable Andrew "Andy" Cartwright is one of the two Andies. He works in the Sandford Police Service's CID. He is good friends with his superior DS Andy Wainwright. He often patronised Nicholas' theories of murder and took an instant dislike to Angel from the moment he first met him. He is a local of the area, with his father selling apples and raspberries on a nearby farm.

He accused Nicholas Angel of killing Leslie Tiller, as he was 'such a big fan of murder', but later joined forces with him after the crimes of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance were revealed to him. He was shown as being very protective of his partner DS Andy Wainwright, flying into a rage when he thought he had been shot in the face in Somerfield.

Physical Appearances

Andy Cartwright is the one of The Andes, he has pale skin, brown hair and mustache, light blue eyes. he wears dark blue shirt, midnight blue necktie, black jacket, matching trousers and dress shoes.