Andy and Peter
Andy (left) with Peter.
Andrew Knightley
Occupation: Corporate Lawyer
Gender: Male
Family: (Unnamed) - Wife
Unnamed Children
Nickname(s): Andy
Born: c. 1971/72
Status: Alive
Appeared in: The World's End
Portrayed by: Nick Frost

Andrew "Andy" Knightley is one of the main protagonists in The World's End. He is portrayed by Nick Frost.


Andy was born in the early 70s and had become best friends with Gary King while also befriending Steven, Oliver, and Peter. Together, they attended school at Newton Haven. He also played rugby in his youth. In 1986, he and Gary reenacted the "knife game" from Alien which resulted in Gary accidentally stabbing Andy in the middle finger, giving him a scar. On the day they finished high school, Andy attempted to complete The Golden Mile with his friends, which would see them go on a pub crawl through all 12 pubs in Newton Haven, apparently getting into a fight in The Beehive. He lasts long enough to see dawn break, along with Gary and Steven, though they fail to finish The Golden Mile, not making it to the last three pubs.

After that night, Andy stayed in contact with Gary and the two remained friends until December 1997, when Gary overdosed and Andy was forced to drive him to the hospital while heavily inebriated. Andy ended up crashing his car and almost severed his femoral artery, at which point Gary abandoned his friend to get arrested after 12 hours of life-saving surgery. After this event, Andy broke off contact with Gary and swore off alcohol. At some point, he got a job as a corporate lawyer. He also married and had children, though he had become estranged from his spouse 3 weeks before Gary's visit.