Andy Wainwright
Andy Wainwright
Andy Wainwright
Occupation: Detective Sergeant
Allegiance: Sandford Police Service
Gender: Male
Family: Unnamed mother

Unnamed cousin

Born: 29 May 1973
Status: Alive
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: Paddy Considine
"It's alright Andy, it's just bolognese!"
―Andy Wainwright
"Angel! Don't you go bein' a twat now."
―Andy Wainwright

Detective Sergeant Andrew "Andy" Wainwright is one of the two Andies. He works for the Sandford Police Service CID, along with his colleague and close friend Andy Cartwright.

He routinely patronised Nicholas and took an instant dislike to Angel as soon as he arrived in Sandford, and was shown to be inept as a detective; unable to analyse crime scenes and prioritising visits to the pub over collecting evidence. He later accused Angel of murdering Leslie Tiller due to his 'obsession' with murder.

During the shootout when Nicholas returns to Sandford, Wainwright donned riot gear with the rest of the Sandford Police Service and attempted to arrest Angel and Danny Butterman. However, after being convinced of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance's crimes, he turned on Frank Butterman and joined forces with Danny and Nicholas. During the shootout at Somerfield, he was almost shot in the face (however the red was actually Dolmio pasta sauce).

His last name in accordance to his partner Andy Cartwright is a play on words (Wainwright + Cartwright = WainCar = Wanker)

Physical Appearances

Andy Wainwright is the one of The Andies, as he had pale skin, messy dark brunette hair and mustache and peppermint greenish blue eyes. He wears cornflower blue shirt, loosen dark blue necktie around his two unbuttoned collar, dark gray jacket, black trousers and shoes.

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