Occupation: Owner of the Winchester
Gender: Female
Family: Husband: John
Born: Unknown
Died: 2004
Appeared in: Shaun of the Dead
Portrayed by: Phyllis McMahon

Bernie was the wife of John and the owner of the Winchester pub.

According to Big Al, John is connected to the mafia. Ed builds on this thought by adding that John is skilled with a knife, owns the pub, has Bernie the trophy wife, and has a gun.

During the events of Z-Day, John and Bernie locked themselves in the upstairs of the Winchester. Somehow, they got infected and eventually break out and attack Shaun, Liz, Ed, Dianne, and David. An amusing fight ensues, in which Shaun, Liz, and Ed hit John with pool cues to the beat of Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. Ed stops fighting to go get the gun, and Shaun is left to fight John by himself. Dianne tries to help by throwing darts at John, but she only succeeds in hitting Shaun in the head. Ed throws the gun at Shaun, who proceeds to beat John with it. The fight ends when Shaun throws John into the Jukebox machine, destroying the machine and killing John.

Bernie, however, is still a threat. She is the zombie who bites Ed while he tries to kill Pete. But she is not seen again, so it is safe to assume that she is killed by the military shortly thereafter.