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Cornetto is an Italian brand of desserts manufactured by Unilever in 1959, and sold by Wall's in the UK.

Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy

The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy (also known as Cornetto Trilogy or Blood & Ice Cream Trilogy) is a series of movies directed by Edgar Wright, also written by Wright and Simon Pegg. The movies starred Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The trilogy consists of Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World's End (2013).

Shaun of the Dead


The very first film of the trilogy, Shaun of the Dead is a 2004 romantic zombie comedy (Rom-zom-com). Simon Pegg played as Shaun, a man who works at a small electronics store who gains to focus on his life along with his girlfriend, flatmate and his parents in the middle of an apocalypse.

The Cornetto reference starts after a weird night of drinking pints at the Winchester with his friend and flatmate Ed, who woke up badly and asked Shaun to buy him a Cornetto in a local shop. The flavour of the Cornetto that Shaun bought is a Strawberry flavoured one.

Hot Fuzz

The second movie is Hot Fuzz, a 2007 buddy cop comedy. Pegg and Frost played as Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman, two awesome police officers who investigate a series of mysterious deaths in the small village of Sandford.

The Cornetto reference here can be seen at various parts of the movie, at one time they buy a few of these in a convenient store and a scrap of wrapper fell in the counter when Angel buys more purchases in the store. The Cornetto that they both bought is an original blue colored Chocolate.

The World's End

The third and last movie in the trilogy is The World's End, a 2013 sci-fi apocalyptic comedy. The film revolves around five friends who went back to their hometown to reattempt pub crawl but later noticed that the whole town is infested by Blanks.

Unlike the two other movies, the Cornetto reference here is at the final scene at the film, where we can see the wrapper blown off by a breeze and being caught on a wire fence. The flavour here is a mint chocolate chip, only shown in a wrapper


  • Each film has its own flavour based on the genre of the film:
  • Shaun of the Dead features a strawberry flavoured for the blood and gory elements of the film.
  • Hot Fuzz features the original blue chocolate for the police.
  • The World's End features a mint chocolate chip for the aliens (though only shown it's wrapper)