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Sgt. Daniel Butterman
Sgt. Daniel Butterman
Sgt. Daniel Butterman
Occupation: Police Officer
Rank: Police Constable (formerly)

Police Sergeant (currently)

Allegiance: Sandford Police Service
Gender: Male
Family: Frank Butterman (Father)

Irene Butterman (Mother, deceased)

Alias(es): PC Danny Butterman, Sergeant Danny Butterman
Born: 18 July 1973
Status: Alive
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: Nick Frost
"You're off the fuckin' chain!"
―Danny Butterman to Nicholas Angel

Sergeant Daniel "Danny" Butterman is the son of corrupt Inspector Frank Butterman, and Chief Inspector Nicholas Angel's partner in Sandford who appeared in Hot Fuzz.


Danny first meets Nicholas Angel at The Crown where he is getting drunk as Angel kicks out the underage drinkers. When Danny leaves, he tries to drive away but backs into the fountain and nearly hits Angel, who, not realising Danny's role as a PC, takes him to the station along with some other drunks.

The next day, Danny is revealed to be a police officer and the son of Frank Butterman.


Danny is presented as a blundering but a good-natured cop with a love of American police action movies, such as Point Break and Bad Boys II. Bored with police duty in the small town of Sandford, he longs to face "proper action" as he sees in the movies and takes an immediate interest in the Londoner Angel, as he perceives the city to be much more exciting and dangerous for a police officer.

Danny ultimately inspires Angel to take back Sandford from the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance through his love of action movies and gets to live his dream of participating in car chases and gunfights as he helps Angel defeat the NWA. For their efforts, both Angel and Danny receive promotions Angel to Inspector and Danny to Sergeant. Two years after the events, Angel is successful in gaining promotion to Chief Inspector so Angel promotes Danny to Sergeant under him.

Physical Appearance

Danny is from Sandford, Gloucestershire. He has brown hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes.

In his police officer uniform, he wears a white dress shirt, black necktie, black trousers, a deep midnight blue jumper with "Sandford Police" emblazoned on it, black shoes, and a police constable hat with a silver line and badge in the middle.

In his casual outfit, he wears a white shirt with a blue-collar and thick line or a Cowlin Construction shirt, dark grey jacket, black trousers, and shoes.