Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy Wiki
Occupation: Actress
Gender: Female
Family: David (Boyfriend)
Nickname(s): Di
Born: 1973
Status: Alive
Appeared in: Shaun of the Dead
Portrayed by: Lucy Davis

Dianne is the girlfriend of David and friend of Liz in the film Shaun of the Dead. When David asked Liz out and got rejected, Dianne was there to "pick up the pieces." The two started a relationship and together lived in Liz's flat. When the outbreak started, Dianne is quick to join Shaun's side, and convinces David to do the same. While in The Winchester Pub, Dianne is relatively calm. After David has a breakdown, nearly killing Shaun, Dianne talks him out of leaving. Unfortunately, he gets pulled through a window and dismembered. Dianne grabs one of his legs and charges out into the horde, never to be seen again.

However, the DVD bonus features of the film revealed that Dianne survived the ordeal. She used David's leg to fight her way through the horde, then climbed up a tree behind the zombie horde and passed out. She woke up later and found the Winchester had burned down. Dianne survived by eating David's leg. Later, when she knew the zombies had gone, she climbed down and went to live with her aunt in Birmingham. She still sends cards to Shaun and Liz.

Physical Appearances

Dianne has fair/pale skin, long light blonde hair, and light strawberry pink lips. She wears an olive shirt with unbuttoned cuffs, brown trousers, a short red scarf brown shoes, and sometimes a hat.