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Doris Thatcher
Doris Thatcher
Doris Thatcher
Occupation: Police Constable
Gender: Female
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: Olivia Colman

"I've been around the station a few times."
―Doris Thatcher

Police Constable Doris Thatcher is the only female police officer in the Sandford Police Service.

She is first met when PC Nicholas Angel arrives in Sandford and is touring the Sandford Police Station. Given the fact she makes numerous sexual innuendos during all her appearances, it can be assumed she has a reputation in Sandford for being promiscuous. During the shootout near the end of the film, Thatcher dons riot gear and prepares to arrest Nick and Danny, but is convinced not to when Angel explains how the NWA has brainwashed the officers into believing all their murders were accidents. She joins their side and fights against the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance at Somerfield, providing cover with Tony Fisher whilst the others ram the meat counter with shopping trolleys. She later saves Angel's life, incapacitating a knife wielding Tina with a wet floor sign.

Physical Appearance

Doris was the only female police officer in Sandford, apparenty she has pale skin, black hair tied in a bun or ponytail, cyan blue eyes and pale strawberry pink lips.

In her police uniform, she wears midnight blue sweater, white shirt, black and white checkered necktie, black skirt, matching tights, police hat and shoes.


  • Her surname, Thatcher, is likely a reference to Margaret Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This is reinforced by Doris being the only female police officer in Sandford.