Occupation: Unemployed
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Born: 6 June 1972
Died: 23 March 2004
Status: Undead
Appeared in: Shaun of the Dead
Portrayed by: Nick Frost

"Hey, prick!"

-Ed to Pete.

"Can I get any of you cunts a drink?"
―Ed to the group

Ed is the relatively overweight and unintelligent best friend of Shaun in the movie Shaun of the Dead. He is lazy and doesn't work. This angers Pete and causes friction between Pete and Shaun because Shaun always protects him. Despite these flaws, he is well-meaning and does care deeply about his friends, even sacrificing his life to save them.


During the events of Z-Day, Ed notices a girl in the garden. He and Shaun go outside and joke around with her, thinking her to be drunk. However, after she comes at Shaun, and Ed takes a picture of it, they realise something is wrong. Another zombie appears, and the two run inside. They come out later, armed with random items, and throw them at the two zombies. They then throw Shaun's old records before they break into the shed and arm themselves with a cricket bat (Shaun) and a shovel (Ed). The two then bash the two zombie's heads in.

Shaun and Ed then escape in Pete's car, and head to Shaun's mum's house. While Shaun is inside, Ed purposely crashes the car so he can drive Phillip's Jaguar. The four then head over and collect Liz, Dianne, and David. The group heads to the Winchester but, unfortunately, Phillip succumbs to his wounds.

They eventually reach the Winchester, but due to a combination of events, the zombies break in. Ed tries to fight off the zombies, but he is overtaken and bitten by the zombified Pete and Bernie. Ed survives his wounds long enough to make it into the cellar with Shaun and Liz. Knowing he is going to die, Ed gets a fag and is given the Winchester repeater while Shaun and Liz escape. He fought the zombies he shot two of them by shooting them in chin and head. But then a fat zombie blocked his way out. So he went up the elevator aswell but he had lost to much blood so he couldn't call the army. He remained there until he passed away and reanimated. A week later, Shaun returned to pay his respects but was shocked to find him as a zombie.

Shaun brought Ed back to the flat by using himself as bait and using the night as disguise. Ed is now a zombie and is kept in the shed where he plays video games.


Ed is Shaun's lazy best friend, he has fair skin, messy dark brown hair, brown eyes and shaved beard. he wears light grey T shirt, shorts and white trainers.