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Frank Butterman
Frank Butterman
Frank Butterman
Rank: Inspector
Allegiance: Sandford Police Service
Neighbourhood Watch Alliance
Gender: Male
Family: Danny Butterman (son)
Irene Butterman (wife, deceased)
Alias(es): The Big Boss
Born: 4 June 1943
Status: Incarcerated
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: Jim Broadbent

Inspector Frank Butterman was the Chief Inspector of the Sandford Police Service and the secret head of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance.

He is initially presented as an honest and understanding superior officer towards newcomer Nicholas Angel. When strange deaths occur in Sandford, he urges Angel not to jump to the conclusions that they were murders and suggests that living in London has made him paranoid that any death could be the result of foul play.

It is ultimately revealed that Butterman helped to orchestrate the deaths as head of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance. His desire to keep Sandford "perfect," was acquired after the untimely death of his wife, who dedicated her life to make Sandford "perfect" so that it would win the Village of the Year Award. He later confronts Angel and Danny in The Crown, along with the Sandford Police Service, whom he has convinced that his son and Angel are criminals. However, Angel is able to dissuade the officers, revealing to them Frank's true nature. After coming to this realisation, they abandon allegiance to Frank, but he is able to escape by shooting down a chandelier to act as a distraction.

After collecting Simon Skinner, Butterman leads Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman in a car chase, which ends when he crashes into the Model Village after swerving to avoid the swan. Butterman is aided by his son from the crashed police car, but disarms him and takes him hostage. During a struggle with Danny, Frank escapes (as Danny was unable to shoot his own father) in the second police car. He is then attacked by the swan, crashing into a tree. He is then arrested at the end of the movie, with his title of Inspector being passed on to Nicholas Angel.

Physical Appearance

Frank has fairly pale skin, gray hair, and light turquoise blue eyes. When he is off duty, he is usually seen wearing a navy suit, white dress shirt, and dark tie along with a navy sweater.