"How's that for a slice of fried gold?"
Shaun to Ed [src]

Fried gold, or more accurately, a slice of fried gold, is an accolade of the highest degree. Anything labelled with this superlative is something bloody spectacular, being even more than "Textbook". For example, Shaun's plan in dealing with the zombie outbreak in London is acknowledged as a slice of fried gold, and Ed called his plan for a drinking binge the same.

Behind the scenes

  • The term originates with Nick Frost, and made its way onto the Spaced DVD commentary, replacing "Textbook" as the phrase used in reference to "golden" moments by the creators. It was used on set to describe a particuarly "well performed bit of comedy" according to Jessica Hynes, or simply "very good" according to Simon Pegg.


  • "Back" DVD commentary (06:16) in reference to Nick Frost suffixing "hole" to his line, "and I shot the cat up the arse". Explaination of the term given by Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg. Later used to praise the art department's work in transforming Daisy's bedroom into something out of Apocalypse Now (06:40).
  • "Gone" – written on a mirror in a deleted shot, as confirmed on "Back" DVD commentary (06:27).
  • Shaun of the Dead – written on the "Things-to-do" board in Shaun's flat (05:17, confirmed on "Zomb-O-Meter" DVD trivia track), later spoken in dialogue by Ed (19:03) and Shaun.