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Guy Shepherd
Occupation: Teacher
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Mr. Shepherd


Born: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Appeared in: The World's End
Portrayed by: Pierce Brosnan

"Humans! You leave us no recourse. If you will not join us willingly, we will be forced to use other means of persuasion. Now, please-"
―Guy Shepherd working for The Network

Guy Shepherd is a supporting antagonist in The World's End. He is portrayed by Pierce Brosnan. Often referred to by Gary and his friends as "Mr. Shepherd," he was their former English teacher in high school, and they would meet him again as a blank.


Guy Shepherd was a high school English teacher in Newton Haven when Gary King and his friends were in high school (c. 1990). He once asked Gary what he wanted to do with his life to which Gary replied that he just "wanted to have a good time." Shepherd found this amusing. Sometime after the events of June 1990, Shepherd became a blank.

The Pub Crawl

When the group arrives at The Beehive, Shepherd is seen reading a book and sipping brandy. He offers to get the next round of beers for the group and attempts to convince them that the blanks are actually good. He makes an argument that they are a lot like teachers and when the group remains unconvinced, he announces that the humans "leave them [the blanks] no recourse," before Andy headbutts Shepherd causing him to appear dead. After a fight ensues, Shepherd returns seemingly unharmed and tells Andy to "break it up." He offers another round but Gary throws his beer mug onto the ground before remarking "we're done here."

Shepherd is later seen with the Network in the bunker underneath The World's End. After the Network leaves Earth, it is assumed that Shepherd shared the same fate as the rest of the blanks.


Gary describes Mr. Shepherd as "one of the good guys," as Shepherd had taken an interest in Gary's future. As a teacher, Shepherd has a nurturing yet slightly stern personality, traits that serve him well under the Network's influence. As a blank, Shepherd retains his "cool teacher" persona, but if he does not get his way through persuasion, he will not hesitate to resort to force. He still behaves like his old teacher self telling Andy to "break it up" after the fight in The Beehive.


  • It is implied that Shepherd is an English teacher by the poster in his classroom from "The Winter's Tale" and the fact that he is seen reading a book in The Beehive.
  • It is likely that Shepherd was one of the first residents of Newton Haven to be turned into a blank since Basil said that they first replaced people of influence.
  • Shepherd's last name is likely a reference to The Winter's Tale, where a shepherd appears after Antigonus is chased offstage by a bear.