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Leslie Tiller
Leslie Tiller
Leslie Tiller
Occupation: Florist
Gender: Female
Family: Simon Skinner (cousin)
Died: Murdered in her shop during the events of Hot Fuzz
Status: Deceased
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: Anne Reid

"Leslie Tiller was fucking murdered!"
―Sgt. Nicholas Angel

Leslie Tiller was Sandford's resident gardener and a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance. Her gardening skills helped put Sandford on the map. However, after finding out that her land was worth a lot of money, she decided that she was going to sell the land and leave. For this, the NWA killed her by stabbing her in the neck with her own shears. However, Sergeant Nicholas Angel was at the scene, buying PC Danny Butterman a birthday present, and witnessed the murder. He chased the killer, but they escaped.

Physical Appearance

Leslie Tiller was a florist, resident gardener, and a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance. She has pale skin, short dirty blonde hair swept back by her brown headband, and wears white pearl earrings on each one of her ears.


  • A newspaper article reveals that Leslie's mother was Kathleen Skinner, sister of Edward Skinner, making Simon Skinner her cousin. It also reveals that Peter Tiller was her father and Stephen Skinner was her other cousin.
  • Leslie is the only member of the NWA to be killed by the NWA in the film.
  • Due to being killed, Leslie Tiller is the only member of the NWA to not be considered a villain by the fanbase.
  • It was not made clear in the film if Leslie was aware of or involved in the NWA's murderous activities, nor to what extent if she was.