Mark Donovan

Mark Donovan

Blood and Ice Cream roles:

Donovan appears in two of the films in the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, Shaun of the Dead and The World's End.

In Shaun of the Dead, he plays the Hulking Zombie, a large, grotesque zombie who appeared in Shaun's backyard.

In The World's End he plays the first of the  Big Ugly Bastards in the final scene of the movie. Donovan can be seen in The Rising Sun as Gary King and the blanks enter the pub. Covered in scars and war-paint, he makes his feelings about the blanks quite clear...


Donovan appeared in Black Books as Gregor Katzenjammer - the cousin of Tamsin Grieg's character Fran. Black Books was also produced by Nira Park, and a conversation between Donovan and Edgar Wright at the wrap party led to the creation of the role of Hulking Zombie specifically with him in mind.

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