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Martin Blower
Martin Blower
Martin Blower
Occupation: Solicitor
Family: Mrs. Lillian Blower (wife)
Born: 1960s
Status: Deceased
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: David Threlfall

Martin Blower was a respected Solicitor from Sandford and an amateur actor, as he and Eve Draper played the leading roles in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." He was the first of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance's victims after Nicholas Angel's arrival in Sandford.


Blower is first seen as he is stopped by Angel for speeding, to which he attempts to use the fact that he was late to his dress rehearsal as an excuse. After getting frustrated, Blower calms down and apologizes and later sends Angel and Danny tickets to the upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. Angel tears up the tickets stating that he "can't accept a gift from someone he's officially rebuked," but Frank Butterman has them attend to represent the police.

Blower's performance in the play is atrocious and the residents of Sandford are either in shock, asleep, or confused. He betrayed his ongoing affair with Eve Draper during the kiss which, according to Angel, "was the only convincing moment in it [the play]." Blower is oblivious to the fact that he is a terrible actor and celebrates at the pub, and then later in private with Eve. However, this celebration is short-lived as the N.W.A. sends someone to hack him and Eve to death with an axe. They then staged it as a traffic collision.


Blower is a big fan of the theatre and takes pride in playing the leading roles in (presumably) most of Sandford's plays.

Physical Appearance

Martin Blower has pale skin, short wavy brunette hair, green eyes, and wears black circular framed glasses.


  • Martin was a married man, although he was having an affair with Eve Draper.
  • Nicholas suspected Martin was murdered for his ties with a large sale of land, but the real reason was that he was a terrible actor.