Occupation: Cashier
Gender: Female
Family: Unknown
Died: 2004
Appeared in: Shaun of the Dead
Portrayed by: Nicola Cunningham

"There's a girl in the garden"
Ed to Shaun, referring to Mary

Mary was a cashier at a supermarket. She is first seen in the intro to Shaun of the Dead. Later, during Z-Day, she is the first zombie which Shaun and Ed encounter. Shaun and Ed go outside, thinking that she's simply drunk. After joking that she is coming on to Shaun, it becomes apparent that something is wrong. She comes at Shaun again and, after a warning, Shaun pushes her away. She falls backwards and is impaled on a piece of metal jutting out from the ground. To the boys amasement, she rises from the wound. Unfortunately, another zombie appears. Shaun and Ed run into the house and grab many household items to throw at the zombies. They later decide to throw some of Shaun's old records. Finally, the two break into the shed and Shaun beats Mary to death with a cricket bat.

The circumstances behind Mary's infection was explored in an 8-page comic written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright entitled There's Something about Mary.


Mary when she WAS alive