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Motorcycle Policeman
Occupation: Police Officer
Gender: Male
Status: Blank (formerly)
Appeared in: The World's End
Portrayed by: Steve Oram
"I must say, I'm very disappointed in you... Peter"
―The Motorcycle Policeman as he is about to turn Peter into a blank

The motorcycle policeman was a police officer stationed in Newton Haven who stopped Gary on his there for having a faulty brake light. He is later revealed to have been a blank.


Not much is known about the motorcycle policeman before he became a blank. It is assumed that he was one of the "people of influence" that The Network replaced.

The Pub Crawl

The motorcycle policeman is first seen when he pulls over Gary in the beast for having a faulty brake light. He asks Gary for his license and registration but Gary makes an excuse saying that he left his identification at the gym. He then asks if he could give his name to "run through the ole system" which the motorcycle policeman agrees to. Gary gives him Peter's name and address which fools the motorcycle policeman because Gary had kept the car registered under Peter's name. The policeman then asks what brings them to Newton Haven and Gary tells him their plan to do the Golden Mile. He then lets Gary and his friends go with a warning to fix the brake light and to do an emissions test.

After discovering the existence of blanks in Newton Haven, Gary, and the others run into the motorcycle policeman again at the Cross Hands who again, mistakes Gary for Peter. He corrects his mistake in the woods later when he spies Peter beating Shane Hawkins (now a blank) with a tree branch. The motorcycle policeman then, with the help of other blanks, replaces Peter effectively killing him.

The motorcycle policeman is later tackled by Gary (who is running towards The Hole in the Wall), and eventually decapitated by Andy who is chasing after Gary. He is seen in the bunker and it is assumed that afterward, he shared the same fate as the rest of the blanks.