Occupation: Foree Electric Worker
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Born: 1987
Died: 2004
Status: Undead
Appeared in: Shaun of the Dead
Portrayed by: Rafe Spall
"Keep your hair on, grandad."
―Noel, to Shaun

Noel, also known as "Noodle", was a co-worker of Shaun. He used to mock Shaun for being the oldest worker at Foree Electric, though he seems to be relatively the closest and friendliest to Shaun than the other co-workers. After Shaun goes home, Noel is not seen again alive (he appears undead on TV). However, 6 months after Z-Day, it is revealed that Noel did not survive the events of Z-Day. Now, he is a zombie used to round up grocery carts and put them back. Simon Pegg revealed in the video commentary that Noel didn't survive due in part to losing his phone, thus he couldn't have been warned of the ensuing mayhem.

Physical Appearances

Noel has pale skin, messy brown hair and blue eyes. He was working at Foree Electric, he wears white shirt with loose red neck tie and one unbuttoned collar, red name tag with his name on it, black trousers and shoes. As he works at the supermarket, he wears white shirt, blue vest, black trouser and shoes, chains around his neck and hands, accidentally he was pushing the supermarket trolleys.


  • Rafe Spall also played DC Andy Cartwright in Hot Fuzz.
  • It is revealed through dialogue that Noel is actually "Noodle", a friend of Ed's who often calls Ed asking for weed.
    Noel zombie worker