Andy and Peter
Peter (right) with Andy Knight.
Occupation: Car Salesman
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Pete
Born: c. 1973
Died: c. 2013 England
Status: Deceased
Appeared in: The World's End
Portrayed by: Eddie Marsan

Peter Page is one of the main characters featured in The World's End. He is portrayed by Eddie Marsan.


Peter was childhood friends with Gary King and Andy Knight, as well as Steven and Oliver. Peter has rich parents whom he works for, with his wealth being one of the reasons why Gary King was friends with him. He was relentlessly bullied in high school, causing him deep seated trauma. In 1988, Peter let Gary ride his 50cc Suzuki motorbike, resulting in Gary running over Peter's leg and giving him a scar. He also sold The Beast to Gary for £300 in 1989, a car Gary would continue to drive for the next 24 years. Peter participated in the groups attempt to complete The Golden Mile, though he apparently became too inebriated/high to walk after smoking marijuana with his friends at The Smokehouse, resulting in Peter being left on a park bench.

Peter continued to work at his parents' car dealership after high school. He also married and had children.


Peter was attacking his old enemy, and got cornered by blanks and captured.