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Philip Shooter
Philip Shooter

"Oh, fuck off, grasshopper!"
―Philip Shooter to Nicholas Angel [src]

Reverend Philip Shooter was the cleric of Sandford, and a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance.


"Stop! Stop this, please! Let us stop this mindless violence!"
―Philip Shooter to Nicholas Angel [src]

Reverend Shooter first met Nicholas Angel during the Sergeant's run through the village, and later introduced himself at the subsequent N.W.A. meeting. Shooter asked Angel to read a homily at Sunday service, though Angel revealed he was an agnostic. He presided over the Church fate, and helped Angel call the raffle won by Simon Skinner and the soon-to-be kersplattered Tim Messenger.

Shooter was present at the clandestine N.W.A. meeting interrupted by Sergeant Angel, and returned to the village after Angel's apparent death at the ketchup-stained hands of Danny Butterman. He was found in the village square when Angel returned astride a white horse. Shooter confronted Angel after his defeat of Bernard Cooper, imploring the Sergeant to cease his violent attack. However, Angel remained unmoved, leaving the Reverend with no choice but to reveal two hold-out pistols and shoot the officer in his armoured chest.

"Jesus Christ!"
―Philip Shooter, shot by Danny Butterman [src]

Shooter was subsequently shot in the shoulder by Constable Butterman, and was later arrested.

Behind the scenes

  • Despite its obviousness, Shooter's name is never abbreviated, Carry On style, to "P. Shooter" anywhere in the film.


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