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The Shifty Twins
The Shifty Twins
The Shifty Twins
Gender: Male
Status: Most likely deceased
Appeared in: The World's End

Not to be confused with Sam's friends, The Twins.

The Shifty Twins were two of the last three residents of Newton Haven who had not been replaced by a blank. Their names are unknown, but they were referred to by Gary as "the shifty twins" in the bunker.

The Pub Crawl

Gary and the others meet the shifty twins in The Trusty Servant after they warn Trevor that he has said too much. They then warn Gary and his friends to get on their way. The shifty twins are later seen in the bunker after Andy asks "who here is human?" They and Basil are the only ones that respond. After The Network leaves, they get angry with Gary, Andy, and Steven before running off. They presumably died from the electromagnetic pulse.


The shifty twins strongly believe in The Network and that what The Network is doing will ultimately be the best for humanity. This becomes apparent when they express their annoyance at Gary, Andy, and Steven for "spoiling it." They are quite smug and do not appear to have much sympathy for people going against the wishes of The Network, as seen when they appear pleased when Trevor is about to be replaced.

Physical Appearance

The Shifty Twins were a bit fraternal, but it's not clear if they're related or not. One of them has pale skin, black hair, blue eyes, wears silver/platinum rectangular framed glasses, striped white and mint green shirt, a dark gray necktie, matching jacket, black trousers, and dark brown shoes. The other one has pale skin, dirty blonde hair, and wears a white shirt and dark tie