The Turners
The Turners

"Nobody tells me nothin'."
―2nd Turner to Nicholas

The Turners are two Police Sergeants in the Sandford Police Service. They are twins that constantly work at the front desk and read a book while on duty. The first Turner to be seen has combed hair and engages in more conversation. The second Turner has messy, curly hair and He doesn't try to engage in any conversation.


  • Both Turners were played by English comedian Bill Bailey.
  • When Nicholas and Danny return with the weapons they confiscated from Arthur Webley, Turner 2 is temporarily stunned.
  • Turner 1 gets a call from Nicholas' old boss in London, but tell them "He'll ring them you back".
  • Starting with Angel's first day on the job when a Turner speaks, a ringing telephone can be heard in the background.
  • Sergeant Turner is actually credited twice, Because the same actor plays two different characters with the same name.