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The World's End


Edgar Wright


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Edgar Wright


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The World's End is the third movie co-written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. It was released on 14 August 2013. The film follows a group of friends reattempting an "epic" pub crawl from their youth, only to realize that all is not what they believe. It stars Simon Pegg as Gary King, Nick Frost as Andy Knightley, and Rosamund Pike, Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman, and Eddie Marsan as the other friends.  


Gary King decides to track down his childhood friends in order to complete the Golden Mile, an infamous pub crawl they once attempted in their youth, 23 years ago in their home of Newton Haven.  They are all hesitant at first, the most hesitant of all being his ex-best friend, Andy Knightley, who has not forgiven the auto wreckage they were both involved in after Andy attempted to drive him to the hospital after an overdose, of which Gary ran from.  But, he guilt trips him into the misadventure, after informing that his mom's death.

He is able to recruit all of his childhood friends, Andy, Steven, Oliver, and Peter.

The First Post

After arriving in town, they immediately embark to The First Post, where they are oddly not remembered by the bartender. Gary orders a round of beers, Andy orders a tap water instead of beer, as he had been sober for some time at that point.  As they drink their beverages, they catch up on old times, but once they all finish their drinks, they are all forced out the door by Gary, who is eager to pursue onto the next pub.

The Old Familiar

When they arrive at The Old Familiar, they realize that it is an exact replication of the previous pub.  As they drink their beers, they are greeted by Oliver's sister, Sam, who Gary and Steven both love duly.  After rejecting Gary's sexual proceedings, she leaves.  They leave after her.

The Famous Cock

Before they can advance in their journey, they realize that they had been previously banned from the pub during the first crawl.  As they are about to accept their banning, Gary drinks three abandoned beers left outside the bar.

The Cross Hands

When they arrive at the pub, Gary goes to use the bathroom where he gets into a scuffle with a teenager.  When he knocks his head off, it is revealed the teen is a robot.  Just then, the teen's mates join him, and they join in the fight.  Gary's gang arrives to assist him in the fight.  After the fight concludes, Gary is convinced that the town has been taken over by robots, and the group agrees. Gary convinces the group that if they abandon their crawl, the townspeople will only get suspicious of them, so they decide to carry on the crawl. When they go back to their seats, they order a round of shots, only for Andy to abandon his sobriety and pop all of the shots back for himself.  

The Good Companions

As to not arouse suspicion, they simply walk into the bar, drink their pints, and walk out.

The Trusty Servant

In the sixth leg of the crawl, they group come over Gary's old drug dealer, "Reverend Green." Not sure if he is now a "Blank", (an identification for robots that the group later coin) Gary tests his humanity through an inside communication that he formed with him (asking if he has weed), when he returns the signal, they are relieved to find out he is human. He then reveals to them that if the surviving humans rebel against their orders, they will turn them into another one their own.  When he reveals too much, two collaborators abduct him. Also, Oliver gets replaced by a blank in the Gents. This happens off-screen, but when he leaves the bathroom he suddenly has his birthmark back and he looks good as new.

The Two Headed Dog

When the group again runs into Sam, they find out she is having a drink with her two friends. When Gary tries convincing her that the twins are actually Blanks, she doesn't accept this.  She tells them his story out of absurdity when they ask if she actually believed him, before she can answer, they begin to get aggressive, but Gary comes to her rescue and another fight erupts.  Steven assists in the fight, and out of drunkenness, he confesses his love for her.

The Mermaid

The gang walk into the bar and realize that it is partaking in a school dance. They decide to blend in and they come across The Marmalade Sandwich who look incredible for their age, since they are blanks. Steven gets dragged into the Cloakroom by Basil, who explains to him how the blanks work and what they want. They all run out when Sam sees her old school crush Adrian Keane who died in a motorcycle wreck 8 years before, meaning he was a blank.

The Beehive

When they begin to believe that the whole town is onto them, they decide to keep carrying on.  At the pub, they run into Guy Shepherd, their former high school teacher, who attempts to talk the group into accepting their fates, but they continue to rebel.  A reappearance of Oliver's birthmark that he had surgically removed brings Andy to realize he is now a blank, to which he responds by smashing his face with a chair.  When the group is attacked by a herd of blanks, Andy proves to be the stronger fighter.  When the dismembered robots begin to regroup themselves, they take this as an advantage to run.  When the group splits up, Gary decides to get Sam out of the town.

The King's Head

Now under attack by the town, the group now has to find their car, The Beast.  When the group rejoins in the Smokehouse, they accuse each other of being blanks.  They prove their humanity through previous scars, Gary proves his by continuously banging his head against a column, since a Blank's would've exploded/fallen off, however he still feels harm. On their way through the park, Peter picks a fight with the Blank of his old bully and is overwhelmed and killed. Gary, Andy, and Steven make it to the King's Head where the latter two decide to take the car and leave, but Gary elects to finish the crawl alone, handing them the car keys. This prompts Andy to run after him.

The Hole in the Wall

Steven continues onto the car, but Gary continues onto the next pub while Andy chases him.  Andy tries to change Gary's mind, but Gary is still set on finishing the crawl. Just then, Steven crashes the car into the wall. When the blanks try to convert Steven, Gary runs away, angering Andy to the point he screams "STEVEN!". This causes the Blanks to turn to him and start chasing him, saving Steven.

The World's End

Gary walks into the bar, where he sees a pint of beer waiting for him. Before he can drink it however, Andy smacks it out of his hand and a battle ensues. When Andy takes off Gary's jacket during the fight, he sees his hospital bracelet, showing that he had escaped from a rehab clinic. Andy gets kicked down as Gary tries to finally get his pint, however the lever he pulls causes the bar to go down to a harboring station. There they find the Blanks of Peter, Oliver and all of the other townspeople.  Just before can fully take everything in, they are addressed by The Network.  Who reveals that Blanks are the minds behind all great inventions in human history, they request that they join their race, even attempting to get to them by using their younger blanks, but they refuse, saying that humans will always be good at screwing up. Steven returns to back them up. The Network refuses persistence, and they abandon Earth when a slight Earthquake erupts, they flee with Basil and Trevor's collaborators (who they call The Shifty Twins) and are met by Sam.  They get into her car and just as they outrun an electro-magnetic wave, erasing all electricity from Earth, they crash the car.


Andy begins to reveal the aftermath of the aliens leaving was a major impact on Earth. Andy has rejoined with his wife, who had left him just weeks before the crawl, Oliver and Peter's Blanks have taken over the lives of their human counterparts (like most Blanks have), Steven has now started a relationship with Sam, and Andy reveals that he no longer has contact with Gary.

The story then cuts to the ruins of Newton Haven, where a now sober Gary teaches his teenage blank versions of Andy, Steven, Peter, and Oliver how to treat humans with respect. a now sober Gary and his Blank Youths order five glasses of waters, when they are refused service, they insist, and a bar fight erupts.

Pub Names and Relevance

  • The First Post = The first leg of the pub crawl.
  • The Old Familiar = The pub where the group notices everything is different about the town. (Also, the bar is extremely reminiscent of the previous) also, a run-in with Oliver’s sister Sam, who once had sex with Gary.
  • The Famous Cock = The group is kicked out of the pub when they realize that Gary (The Famous Cock) was barred from the pub during the first crawl.
  • The Cross Hands = The group fights a band of teens in the bathroom, who they realize are actually blanks.
  • The Good Companions = The group decides to stick together and continue on the pub crawl to stay alive.
  • The Trusty Servant = Gary confronts his former drug dealer, who is human but works for the blanks.
  • The Two-Headed Dog = Gary, Steven and Sam get in a fight with Sam’s friends, the twins (who are blanks).
  • The Mermaid = Three girls who have been turned into blanks from the group’s past try to seduce Gary, Andy, and Peter.
  • The Beehive = A bunch of blanks swarm the group in a fight, revealing that the blanks cooperate as an army.
  • The King’s Head = On their way there, Gary smashes his head on a wall to prove he’s not a blank. (Also, it is here that Gary decides to finish The Golden Mile on his own.)
  • The Hole in the Wall = Stephen drives a car through the pub’s wall to help Gary and Andy.
  • The World’s End = Obviously, the apocalypse.
  • The Rising Sun = The pub in the epilogue. The rising sun of a new day, showing Gary's new sober life after drinking.



  • All of the main characters last names are royal titles, Gary King, Andy Knightley, Steven Prince, Peter Page, and Oliver Chamberlain.
  • The King's Head has a portrait of Simon Pegg as a king on the sign.