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Tim Messenger
Occupation: Journalist
Allegiance: Sandford
Gender: Male
Born: 12 July 1970

Died: 1 May 2007
Status: Deceased
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: Adam Buxton
"Wave your hittin' stick about!"
―Tim, trying to get a picture of Nicholas.

Tim Messenger was a journalist for the Sandford Citizen who often asked Nicholas to be interviewed with little success. He was prone to making spelling errors and writing about trivial and unimportant topics, such as when he preferred to write about Angel's perfect Sunday, rather than investigate the murder of George Merchant. In one particular news article, he once misspelled Angel's name as "Angle", leading to Nicholas briefly becoming the laughing stock of Sandford. During the Sandford Church Fete, Tim told Leslie Tiller about the new bypass scheme, and that Leslie's new land is valuable. However, before he could tell Nicholas Angel this, his head was splattered by a falling spire of the church roof, broken off (presumably) by Simon Skinner. His untimely death results from a dislike of him by the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance due to his terrible spelling and tabloid journalism.

Physical Appearance

Tim is a middle-aged man with pale skin, slicked-back black hair, thin eyeglasses, and is often seen with his Nikon camera.


  • He is strongly disliked by Roy and Mary Porter because he listed Mary's age as 55 when she's actually 53.
  • Tim's death is a foreshadow to a later scene when Simon Skinner gets impaled through the jaw with a model village steeple.

Death Scene

Viewer Discretion is Advised.


Hot Fuzz - Tim Messenger