Allegiance: Neighbourhood Watch Alliance
Gender: Female
Born: 1980s
Status: Incarcerated
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: Alice Lowe

Tina is an employee at Sandford's supermarket, Somerfield. She is an associate of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance.

While at most times she comes across as uncaring and arrogant, as if she can hardly be bothered to do her job, she springs into action during the Sandford shootout. After the Sandford Police storm Somerfield and deal with the Butcher brothers, Tina charges around the corner brandishing a knife, in an attempt to kill Police Sergeant Nicholas Angel. However, PS Angel is saved by Police Constable Doris Thatcher, who quickly grabs a nearby "wet floor" sign and strikes her on the head with it.

Physical Appearance

Tina has pale skin, blonde hair tied in a messy bun, pale sapphire blue eyes, silver-blue eyeshadow and pale strawberry pink lips.

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