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Tom Weaver
Tom Weaver
Tom Weaver
Occupation: Professor
Allegiance: Neighbourhood Watch Alliance
Gender: Male
Family: Gabriel Weaver (grandson)

Unnamed daughter Unnamed wife

Born: Sometimes between 1931 or 1934
Died: 2007 (age 72-76)
Status: Deceased
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: Edward Woodward

"You know what you are? A bloody busy-body!"
―Tom, to Nicholas

Professor Thomas "Tom" Weaver was a professor and a citizen of Sandford. He was first met when Nicholas Angel is touring the Sandford Police Station. Tom was the Civilian Liaison for the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance.

Later, when the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance is revealed to be a murderous cult and Nicholas is "killed" by Danny Butterman, Nicholas returns to Sandford and a shootout erupts in the town square. After the ordeal is over, and all of the N.W.A. is arrested, the Sandford police officers are doing the paperwork. While they are working, Tom emerges from his office, wielding a blunderbuss, and shoots at Nicholas. However, Danny jumps in the way and takes the shot instead. Enraged, Nicholas kicks a file drawer at Tom, which hits him in the head. Knocked off balance, Tom stumbles backward into the evidence room and knocks the sea mine over. The sea mine rolls over on him, pinning him to the floor, and begins ticking. Realising his fate, Weaver moans "Oh, God, no." before the mine detonates explosively, killing him and destroying the entire police station.

One year later, it is revealed that Danny survived the gunshot. Although the police station was destroyed, Tom was the only one killed in the blast.