Gender: Female
Family: Unnamed mother
Tom (cousin)
Born: c. 1970
Status: Alive
Appeared in: Shaun of the Dead
Portrayed by: Jessica Hynes

"Glad to see someone survived."
―Yvonne to Shaun

Yvonne is a supporting character featured in Shaun of the Dead.


Yvonne is an old friend of Shaun's. The two have known each other for a number of years. Yvonne is first seen when Shaun is heading home, early in Z-Day. Shaun bumps into her and they have a talk. Yvonne mentions that she just bought a house and how she feels real grown up, then they part ways.

Later, after Shaun and Ed have collected Barbara, Liz, Dianne and David, the group bumps into Yvonne and her group, which is the exact same as Shaun's. She has got her mum, her boyfriend Declan, Mark and Maggie, as well as her cousin Tom.

Finally, after Shaun's group has been decimated at The Winchester, he and Liz go back out onto the streets. They are immediately rescued from the undead horde by British soldiers arriving to combat the zombies. Among the volunteers that accompany the soldiers is Yvonne. She talks to Shaun, and then they part ways again.